EarnCrypto.com Review: Is Earn Crypto a Scam? Read this first!

Summary of my Review — It’s a Scam

I DO NOT RECOMMEND EarnCrypto.com. My EarnCrypto review is negative because I have never been able to successfully withdraw any earnings. Thus the site is a complete waste of time.

Better Alternatives to EarnCrypto.com


Cointiply is as multicoin faucet where you can earn BTC, DOGE, DASH or LTC. Well run and easy to use. See my full review of Cointiply.

Fire Faucet

FireFaucet is an auto faucet that pays out in 12 different cryptocurrencies. You complete tasks, click links etc. to get the auto faucet running. You can easily swap between crypto. See my review of FireFaucet.win.

Faucet Crypto

FaucetCrypto.com is also a multicoin faucet which offers multiple methods to earn crypto. Great interface and large community. See my review of Faucet Crypto.

Why I Do Not Like This Site

I do not recommend this site for a very simple reason: I cannot withdraw any earnings.

For example, here is my DOGE balance:

In order to withdraw my fortune of 44 DOGE I need to reach a minimum withdrawal level of 2,002 DOGE. That is ridiculous.

Another example is my LTC balance:

Good news! I only need to have .002 LTC in order to withdraw.

So I open my Coinami wallet to copy an address to receive my LTC. Coinami offers three different options to generate an address.

Bad news! So I cannot find an LTC address that will allow me to withdraw my earnings. EarnCrypto.com does not provide any method to exchange crypto so this LTC is stranded forever.

In January 2021 I was able to initiate an LTC withdrawal. But it never went though and my support ticket went unanswered.

It should not be this hard. I can only assume this is intentional.

More Bad Reviews

On Trustpilot this website has a 1.6 rating based on 51 reviews, as of July 21, 2021. See the distribution of reviews below:

Some sample outrage from individual Trustpilot reviews:

You owe me doge

I have earnt 850 dogecoin I have made a attempt to withdraw which has been marked as “timed out” now when I try to withdraw I’m told my dogecoin address is invalid… It most certainly is not

I’m a software engineer I’ve worked in this industry for years, I’ve tried a support ticket… What is going..

Complete Utter Scam and Waste of Time!

Spent days trying to answer repetitive, poorly designed surveys which more often than not, indicated you weren’t qualified for them after 10 minutes or so of answering questions. The apps they offer for download want you to play for an extremely long time in order to reach very deep levels before getting paid and IF you somehow do, the payment for doing so is hit or miss. Tried some data entry. Its a Japanese outsourcing firm that has you literally type what you see on the screen to a small text box. It demands you practice before you do, checks your work on the spot and randomly rejects items you’ve typed with no explanation or reason as why — you simply do not get credit for those items it determines that you’ve missed.

You’re paid TINY amounts of crypto for jobs that take a very long time and which you can barely complete. I’m talking sometimes a “reward” of under a penny for more than 15 minutes of work!

This site stated that the coin I was “earning” would not be redeemable to my wallet until I reached a minimal of 5 of them (a very big undertaking) when you’re earning 1/1000th of the coin on some transactions but I did it! Took weeks finding jobs that weren’t too annoying or required too much personal data but it was accomplished. I decided it was time to cash out and retire from this ridiculous slave labor site and move on.

It indicated that in order for me to cash out I had to pay a “fee” of 1 coin for the transaction and the rest was mine to keep. Wow! how generous of them! I earned 6 and was prepared to leave forever. Pasted in my wallet address and hit submit only to get a pop-up in all red telling me:

“You cannot withdraw your coins until you have earned at least 1000 points. Then you can withdraw any amount of any cryptocurrency.

You have earned 134.16 points worth so far.

You can bypass this requirement if you have earned at least 400 points by logging in with a verified Paypal account on the Settings->Trust page. “

Wait! WHAT!? You pay me pretty close to zero for the effort involved in getting these six coins, I meet the requirement for getting 84 cents worth of crypto and now I don’t have enough points? Are you serious? F-Off!

DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS SITE — buy some from a crypto exchange, mine it or trade it. You will not ever get even a small payout here without wasting hours and hours and hours and hours of your time!

If you are still reading I will provide some basic information about how EarnCrypto claims to work:

What is EarnCrypto?

From the About page:

EarnCrypto is considered to be in early beta development. We have a goal of creating a site where anyone can earn and be able to test cryptocurrency without having to spend money to get their first experience with cryptocurrency.

Anyone can create an account on EarnCrypto, as long as you have an email address. According to their FAQ users can be from any country.

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