Autofaucet.Dutchycorp.Space Review

Juan Alvarez
9 min readFeb 28, 2024


My personal review of the Final Claim autofaucet found at

Updated: 2/29/2024

Login page at

My Take

I like and recommend Autofaucet DutchyCorp for the following reasons:

  • so many ways to earn a wide variety of crypto
  • transparency and responsive support team
  • been around since 2018
  • good place to start with crypto or diversify in to new holdings
  • more polished site that many and does not have overly intrusive ads (there are still ads).

What I don’t like:

  • weird name that is too long
  • won’t earn enough for a Lambo

I am a level 15 user (as you can see below) and have been a consistent user since December 2021.

Click here to get started or keep reading to learn more.

What is Autofaucet.Dutchycorp.Space?

Autofaucet.Dutchcorp.Space, also known as Final Autoclaim, is a cryptocurrency faucet platform that allows users to earn various cryptocurrencies by completing tasks, offers, surveys, staking, engaging with faucet activities, shortlinks, PTC (Pay To Click), and mining, among other methods.

It promotes itself as the highest paying enhanced autofaucet available, offering a wide array of activities for users to accumulate cryptocurrency rewards. This platform provides a legitimate and user-friendly interface, providing a comprehensive collection of methods for earning crypto.

It supports a broad selection of cryptocurrencies (79 as of 2/26/24)), allowing users to gain points, known as Dutchy, redeemable in several coins, ranging from well-known ones like BTC (Bitcoin), LTC (Litecoin), and ETH (Ethereum) to newer and emerging tokens.

How to Earn Duchy

So to get started you need to earn some Duchy. I am going to give you my quick start guide followed by more details.

Quick Start Guide to Earning Duchy

So you signed up and are logged in. All of the methods to earn DUTCHY are found in the Earn DUTCHY menu found in the top navigation.

Here is what to do next:

  1. Click DUTCHY Roll, scroll down, do the CAPTCHA and roll. You just earned your first DUTCHY. Leave this tab open with the timer so you know when to roll again in 30 minutes.
  2. Click COIN Roll, same as before, but this time you earn the coin of the month plus some XP. You can convert this coin to other crypto using the Swap feature.
  3. Click SURFads and view all of the available ads. Won’t take long and doesn’t need much input from you.
  4. Click PTC Wall and click all of the ads on this page. Some pay less but you do not have to wait as long for the payout. All ads will also pay 50XP bonus so you can level up faster.

That is enough for a fast start. Let’s move on to starting the Autofaucet.

Start the Autofaucet

Now that you have some DUTCHY you can power up the Autoclaim. In order to get started follow along below:

Step 1 — Select Payment Mode

Step 1: Select Payment Mode

See the following summary of the two different autoclaim payment modes:

  • Balance Mode (Refresh):
    By Choosing the Balance “Refresh” Mode as autoclaim payment mode, the page will automatically refresh and you will receive all payments on your internal Autofaucet balance, then you will be able to withdraw manually by clicking “your wallet” link.
  • Balance Mode (In-Page):
    If you choose the Balance “In-Page” Mode as autoclaim payment mode, the page will not refresh, a Javascript code will be executed to proceed all payments on your internal Autofaucet balance, then you will be able to withdrawing manually.
    Note: This mode can be unstable if you do not keep the browser tab focused, i.e. this tab is your current tab.

My recommendation: Just leave the payment mode set to Refresh.

  • Select Reward Multiplier:
    It cost more to go faster. If you can leave the tab running go slower. If not, set this to a higher multiplier.

You will need to leave the tab open to receive your autoclaim payment, but you can be using another tab.

Step 2 -Set Refresh Time

Step 2: Select Refresh Time
Selecting refresh time really depends on how fast you want your selected crypto added to your account. Choose a refresh rate of 4 minutes or higher for maximum efficiency. Faster rates cost more per minute.

Step 3 — Select Crypto

Step 3: Select Your Crypto
This is easy, just select the crypto of your choice. The higher your level the more crypto you can select. I usually only select one.

Step 4- Start the Autofaucet

Step 4: Do the CAPTHCA and start the faucet.

So while the faucet is running let’s explore how to earn more DUTCHY to keep in running.

How to Earn Dutchy

You can see all of the available methods in the drop down under the $Earn DUTCHY tab in the top navigation menu. The following are my thoughts on some of these methods.

Space Token Bonuses

The bonuses for holding Space or Space LP tokens are some of my favorites features for this site. You can earn staking rewards as passive income while reaping the benefits of the bonuses!

  • Space Token holders can enjoy rewards such as up to +100% on Autoclaim Rewards, up to +20% on Staking Rewards, and up to a -20% discount on Gift Cards Purchases.
  • Space Token Liquidity Providers can receive bonuses like up to +100% on Roll Games and Shortlinks Rewards, and up to +20% on Surveys and Offers tasks Rewards.

To be eligible for these bonuses, Space Token holders must have a minimum of 200 SPACE in their wallet across various networks, while Space Token Liquidity Providers need at least 5 SPACE LP tokens.

This more details about how to set up your wallet etc. that go beyond the scope of this article. Be sure to check out the “Space Bonuses” tab under “Earn Dutchy” to get the details.

Space Token Benefits at
Space Token Benefits at


Final AutoClaim offers users three different types of bonuses to increase their earnings: level bonuses, loyalty bonuses, occasional extra rewards for special events, and referral bonuses. To earn and utilize these bonuses, users can regularly use the app to collect and claim crypto rewards.

  • Level Bonuses are based on the user’s experience points, which are earned by consistently using the app. As users accumulate experience points, they will level up and unlock higher bonuses. Additionally, Final AutoClaim also offers occasional extra rewards for special events.
  • Loyalty Bonuses reward you for consistent use of the app. To increase your Loyalty Bonus and maximize to its limit of 100%, you need to claim from the faucet once consecutively for 200 days. Each day you claim, your bonus will increase by 0.5%. This means that if you claim every day for 200 days, your bonus will reach its maximum limit. However, if no claim is made for more than 24 hours, the Loyalty Bonus will reset to 0. Therefore, it’s essential to make a claim every day to maintain and increase your bonus.

Offer Walls

Probably the best way to earn DUTCHY. The various offer walls provide the highest DUTCH payouts for the time invested. The Offer Walls include surveys, paid to surf and paid to watch video opportunities.

Be sure to check the offer walls for special promotions that provide extra Dutchy.

Extra bonus offer wall at


The Shortlinks Wall is a popular feature on Dutchy Corp that provides users with daily shortlink achievements to earn higher DUTCHY rewards. Users can navigate through various shortlink providers to complete shortlinks and earn DUTCHY tokens and XP.

Each day, users can complete a set number of shortlinks to achieve daily goals and earn rewards.

Daily shortlink achievements at
Daily shortlink achievements at

Furthermore, there is a weekly shortlink contest where users can compete with each other to earn additional rewards. Top prize is 100,000 DUTCHY.

Participating in the Shortlinks Wall is one of the fastest ways to see your DUTCY balance increase. Once you get some DUTCHY in you account you can also take advantage of the autofaucet to passively earn rewards while completing shortlinks. (this is important!)

PTC Ads and Surf Ads

Paid to Click (PTC) and SurfAds will be the easiest earning options to get started earning DUTCHY.

With PTC, users can choose and click on ads displayed on the PTC Wall to earn rewards. The process is manual, and you must actively select and view each advertisement to receive their rewards.

SurfAds is an automated process where you can passively earn rewards by simply letting the ads play without the need for manual interaction. An easy way to get started when you login each day is to watch all of the Surf Ads. This is super easy and does not take long to watch all of the ads.


Earn DUTCHY for completing small tasks, usually website signups, email signups, social media follows, or app installs. Some will require verification that the task was completed prior to payment.


  • CPU Miner - To set up the CPU miner on AutoFaucet.DutchyCorp.Space, first, log in to your account on the site. Then, go to the “CPU Mining” section and click on the “Start Mining” button. This will automatically start the mining process using your CPU’s processing power. You can expect to earn DUTCHY tokens as a reward for contributing your CPU power to the network. The amount earned will depend on various factors such as the current network difficulty and the processing power of your CPU.
  • GUI Miner — The GUI miner is different from the CPU miner in that the GUI miner is a graphical user interface that allows you to mine using your GPU. While mining can be profitable, it’s essential to consider potential downsides such as increased electricity costs and hardware wear and tear.

Social Jobs

Social jobs allow users to earn DUTCHY tokens by completing tasks such as liking, sharing, and commenting on social media posts, as well as participating in online surveys and promotional activities. To participate in these social jobs, users are required to capture screenshots of completed tasks as proof and submit them on the Social Jobs page for review.

By completing these social jobs and submitting proof, users can earn rewards in the form of DUTCHY tokens, which can used to run your Autocliam or for other benefits within the Final Autoclaim platform.


Refer users to and earn DUTCHY in the following ways:

  • You will earn 20% of every referrals roll game faucet claims.
  • You will earn 10% of your referrals offerwall earnings.
  • You will earn 20% of your referrals shortlinks earnings.
  • You will earn 10% of your referrals games earnings.

All DUTCHY earned through referrals can be converted into the crypto of your choice. Just Click on “Swap” and convert.

How to Withdraw Crypto

To withdraw crypto from the Final Autofaucet website, you need to first register and enter your crypto addresses. Then, choose the cryptocurrencies you want to claim. For withdrawals, the site supports multiple methods, including direct payments to your wallet via blockchain, Coinbase, and Faucetpay with no withdrawal fee.

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