[Updated 2020] Best Dogecoin Faucets — how to earn free DOGE

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How to get free Dogecoin?

You can get free Dogecoin from faucets which pay out small amounts of Doge in exchange for some action. Essentially, you are trading your time and attention for a small payment.

The following is my list of the best Dogecoin faucets. Not intended to be an exhaustive list, just the faucets worth using for free unlimited Dogecoin right now. The list is updated from time to time. Feel free to suggest faucets in the comments.

My quick list of the best Doge faucets:

Moon Dogecoin (still the best!)

Moon Dogecoin is one of the Moon family of faucets and one of the very best Dogecoin faucets. The Moon faucets use the Coinpot.co microwallet so you will need a Coinpot account to get started.

This offers very convenient claiming since your Doge is automatically and instantly deposited at Coinpot. No extra steps required.

Doge claimed at Moon Doge.co.in
Doge claimed at Moon Doge.co.in
Dogecoin claim at Moon Dogecoin

Key features of Moon Dogecoin:

  • You claim amount grows in between claims. It grows quickly at first and then steadily slows. You can watch it grow and decide when to claim.
  • Timer: You must wait a minimum of 5 minutes between claims.
  • Lots of bonuses:
  • Loyalty bonus of 1% added each day in a row you make a claim — up to 100%.
  • Referral bonus of 1% added for each active referral — up to 100%
  • Mystery bonus up to 100% randomly added to each claim.

✅ Click here to try Moon Dogecoin.

Fire Faucet

Fire Faucet is a auto faucet that will pay out Dogecoin(or other crypto) as long as you have ACP (Auto Claim Points). Once you signup you get some free ACP so you can get the auto faucet running.

Click the lightning bolt to start faucet.

Click the lightning bolt to start the faucet.

The faucet runs on a timer automatically generating DOGE until you run out of ACP. Check out the following menu to get more ACP:

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How to earn free Fire Faucet ACP for faucet claims.

Fire Faucet earn free ACP for faucet claims.

You can earn more ACP through various PTC ads, offers, shortlinks and tasks. I recommend the PTC ads as an easy way to get more ACP. Also, get your a free daily bonus of ACP by clicking on the 🎁 gift box.

Using my daily gift and a few PTC ads netted me the following Dogecoin. Didn’t take long and the Fire Faucet interface makes it easy.

Doge balance at Fire Faucet
Doge balance at Fire Faucet
Dogecoin balance at Fire Faucet.

You can withdraw from Fire Faucet directly to your wallet or to Faucetpay.io. You will need to meet a 200 Doge minimum.

✅ Click here to try Fire Faucet.


Cointiply offers many ways to earn their coins, including a faucet, games, PTC, offers etc. You can convert these coins to Dogecoin. For this article let’s just discuss the faucet.

  • Register and confirm your email.
  • Select “Roll the Faucet” from the “Earn Coins” menu at the top.
  • My last roll netted 36 “coins” — see the image below.
Cointiply faucet where you roll for free coins
Cointiply faucet where you roll for free coins
Cointiply faucet where you roll.

The higher number you roll the more coins you win. You hit the jackpot if you roll 99,999. The following shows the coins you can win:

Cointiply.com current Cointiplier and Jackpot
Cointiply.com current Cointiplier and Jackpot
Cointiply Cointiplier and Jackpot

While Cointiply shows you the value of your “Coin” balance in BTC, you can also withdraw your coins to a Doge wallet. You will need a to meet a minimum withdrawal amount of 30,000 coins, but there is no withdrawal fee.

Cointiply.com Dogecoin withdrawl
Cointiply.com Dogecoin withdrawl
Cointiply DOGE withdrawal option

✅ Click here to try Cointiply.

Faucet Crypto

Faucet Crypto operates a multicoin faucet that rewards users with coins for using their faucet or completing shortlinks, PTC ads, offers etc.

To get to the faucet check the left sidebar for “Ready to Claim”. Click that and you are in the faucet screen.

No CAPTCHA to complete, just wait about 10 seconds and click the next button. There is a 40 minute timer in between claims.

Your claims will increase as you level up. See my most recent claim amount:

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FaucetCrypto.com faucet claim

Anytime you visit the faucet you should also claim your Daily Bonus:

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FaucetCrypto.com Daily Bonus

You can withdrawn your coin balance as Dogecoin. Click “Withdraw” in the left sidebar and choose Doge from among the many available crypto.

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My Dogecoin balance at FaucetCrypto.com

Click “Withdraw” and see your withdrawal options:

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Dogecoin withdrawl at FaucetCrypto.com

So currently I can withdraw a bit less than 50% of my Doge balance. A withdrawl fee of 50 coins (not Doge) will be charged. I have succesfully withdrawn Doge from Faucet Crypto.

✅ Check out FaucetCrypto.com


Allcoins.pw operates multiple faucets at their website. You can earn Doge using the “Classic Faucets” or the “AutoFaucet”. I recommend using the classic faucet since the claim amount is so much higher.

In the menu on the left side select: Faucets > Classic Faucets > Dogecoin.

Best Dogecoin faucets — Allcoins.pw
Best Dogecoin faucets — Allcoins.pw
Allcoins.pw Dogecoin faucet
  • Claim amount: .31 Doge at my most recent claim (amount changes based on crypto market)
  • Claim interval: 6 minutes
  • Withdrawal: To regular wallet > 12 Doge minimum and 4 Doge fee. To GoGo.Monster > very small minimum and 4% fee.
Options for Dogecoin claim at Allcoins.pw
Options for Dogecoin claim at Allcoins.pw
Options for Doge claim at Allcoins.pw

Once you complete the CAPTCHA you are presented with several options for your Doge. Click “Add to my balance” if you want to keep your Dogecoin.

✅ Click here to try the Allcoins.pw Doge faucet.

ES Faucet

ES Faucet also operates multiple faucets from a single site. You can claim directly in Doge. Here is how you get started:

Find the Dogecoin faucet in the left sidebar.

Dogecoin faucet at Es.BTCNews.com
Dogecoin faucet at Es.BTCNews.com
Doge faucet at ES Faucet

The faucet claim page is a bit cluttered. Scroll down till you see the “Click here to Claim”.

ES Faucet Dogecoin faucet claim
ES Faucet Dogecoin faucet claim
ES Faucet Doge faucet claim

The next step is unclear to a first time user so see this:

ES Faucet how to claim Dogecoin
ES Faucet how to claim Dogecoin
ES Faucet how to claim Doge

Solve the reCAPTCHA and then click the “Verify” button.

Doge claimed from a single Doge faucet claim at ES Faucet.
Doge claimed from a single Doge faucet claim at ES Faucet.
Result of a single Doge faucet claim at ES Faucet.

Features of the ES Faucet for Doge:

  • 30 minute timer
  • Lots of bonus opportunities — too many to describe here.
  • Minimum withdrawal is 300 Doge, no fee for 600 Doge or more. Says transaction fee of 10 Doge, unclear if this is still charged at higher level.
  • Can withdraw to Doge wallet (recommended) or FaucetPay or Express Crypto (both require more fees.)
  • 20% referral commission for every claim by a referral
  • New user and referrer both get 2500 ES Coin for a new sign up.
  • Use ES Coins to pay for fees on the site or exchange for other coins.
  • There are many more details so read their FAQ.

✅ Click here to check out ES Faucet.

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