Best Bitcoin Faucets [Updated 2022]— claim free BTC

Juan Alvarez
4 min readAug 2, 2020


Best Bitcoin Faucets by Juan Alvarez

A Bitcoin faucet is a website where you receive free fractional Bitcoins (called satoshis) in exchange for visiting that site. You are exchanging your time for small amounts of BTC.

This is not a complete list of Bitcoin faucets. I only highlight legit Bitcoin faucets that are worth your time.

My list of best Bitcoin faucets:

Fire Faucet

Fire Faucet is a auto faucet that will pay out Bitcoin (or other crypto) as long as you have ACP (Auto Claim Points). Once you signup you get some free ACP so you can get the auto faucet running.

Fire Faucet menu button that starts the Bitcoin faucet
Click the lightning bolt to start the faucet.

The faucet runs on a timer automatically generating Bitcoin until you run out of ACP. Check out the following menu to get more ACP:

Fire Faucet options for earning more ACP for auto faucet claims.
Fire Faucet earn free ACP for faucet claims.

You can earn more ACP through various PTC ads, offers, shortlinks and tasks. I recommend the PTC ads as an easy way to get more ACP. Also, get your a free daily bonus of ACP by clicking on the 🎁 gift box.

Using my signup bonus, daily gift and a few PTC ads netted me the following BTC. Didn’t take long and the Fire Faucet interface makes it easy.

Fire Faucet bitcoin faucet balance
Fire Faucet Bitcoin balance

You can withdraw from Fire Faucet directly to your wallet or to You will need to meet a $10 minimum.


Cointiply offers a bunch of ways to earn Bitcoin, including a faucet, games, PTC, offers etc. For this articles let’s just talk about their faucet.

  • Register and confirm your email.
  • Select “Roll the Faucet” from the “Earn Coins” menu at the top.
  • My last roll netted 22 “coins” — which is 27 satoshi in my account. 10k coins = $1.
Cointiply faucet — roll for coins
Cointiply faucet
  • Daily loyalty bonus, which can grow to 100%.
  • Withdrawals are NOT automatic. The minimum withdrawal amount in 50,000 coins (not satoshis). You will need a Bitcoin address.

So the following Bitcoin faucets pay out via the Coinpot wallet and continue to be among the best Bitcoin faucets. All of the Coinpot faucets require that you create an account at and then use that same email address to login to each faucet.


Bitfun is one of the best paying Bitcoin faucets. The following are the features of Bitfun:

  • Your Bitfun balance grows between claims, quickly at first and then slowing over time.
  • You have to wait three minutes between claims.
  • All faucet claims instantly deposited to your Coinpot account.
  • 50% lifetime commission on all referrals.
  • 3 Coinpot tokens per faucet claim, which can be exchanged for more satoshis. More tokens per claim if you level up in the Coinpot VIP Rewards.
  • Check the Offers page for other ways to earn.

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is the Moon faucet which pays our in BTC. The following are the features of Moon Bitcoin (shared by all of the Moon faucets).

  • You must wait at least 5 minutes between claims.
  • There are several bonuses that will increase your claim:
  • Daily Bonus: 1% daily loyalty bonus (up to 100%) for making a claim every 24 hours. Claim every day!
  • Referral Bonus: 1% daily bonus (up to 100%) for each active referral.
  • Mystery Bonus: Random bonus up to 100%.
  • 3 Coinpot tokens per faucet claims, which can be exchanged for more satoshis.
Example of bonuses from Moon Bitcoin faucet claim.

Bonus Bitcoin

Bonus Bitcoin rounds out the Bitcoin faucets which pay directly to the Coinpot microwallet. See the list of the following features:

  • You can claim up to 5000 satoshi. The current average claim is 9 vsatoshi. The average claim amount changes frequently.
  • The claim amount does NOT go up over time like Bitfun or Moon Bitcoin. This faucet pays well if you visit more often.
  • You must wait 15 minutes before your next faucet claims.
  • 3 Coinpot tokens per faucet claim which can be exchanged for more satoshis.
  • The best feature of Bonus Bitcoin is that you can also earn a daily bonus equal to 5% of your total claims and referral commissions over the last 72 hours. In order to qualify you must claim at least once every 24 hours. My next bonus will be:
Bonus Bitcoin faucet claim amount and next bonus