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Summary of my review of FaucetCrypto.com

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What is FaucetCrypto.com?

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Trustpilot reviews as of 7/29/2021

How to Earn Crypto at Faucet Crypto

  • Faucet: You can claim “Coins” every 40 minutes. The base reward is 24 coins but will increase as you level up at Faucet Crypto. No CAPTCHA to complete, but there is a short 10 second timer to wait through.
FaucetCrypto.com faucet claim
FaucetCrypto.com faucet reward and timer
  • Daily Bonus: There is also a daily bonus of 35 coins, which is really a daily faucet. So claim these coins everyday also.
FaucetCrypto.com Daily Bonus
  • Shortlinks: To get started click “Complete Link”, wait out the 10 second timer and click “Generate Link”. You will go to a new page and you will click “Show Timer / Click Here” to get the timer to get started. Repeat one more time and you account will be credited.
FaucetCrypto.com shortlinks
  • Achievements-Shortlinks: If you complete multiple shortlinks you are eligible for more experience points. These extra experience points will raise your level and your bonus amount.
Achievements for completing shortlinks
  • Achievements-Levels: When you reach new levels you get the opportunity to claim more coins in the Levels section. Note this is not automatic, you have to hit the “Claim” button to get these rewards.
FaucetCrypto.com achievement rewards for reaching new levels
Achievement rewards for reaching new levels.
  • Achievements-PTCs: As you earn coins from completing PTC (paid to click) ads you also earn achievements. Two things to note: 1) these PTC achievements reset weekly, and 2) achievements reward you with coins or experience points. If you complete 25 PTC ads per week you get the reward from the PTC ads and all the achievement rewards.
Achievements for completing PTC ads.
  • PTC Ads: To get started click “Visit Website” and a new tab will open. Wait out the timer and get paid. PTC ads are the easiest way to earn on Faucet Crypto next to the faucet.
Coins available to earn for PTC ads
Sample of FaucetCrypto.com PTC ads
  • Offerwall: Click here to see a variety of offers from Wannads, Survey Wall and Offer Daddy. Bigger payouts but you will have to provide some personal information.

Withdrawal from FaucetCrypto

Daily withdrawal limit at Faucet Crypto

Crypto Available at Faucet Crypto

Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin SV
Ethereum Classic

Proof of Payment from FaucetCrypto.com

My last three withdrawals from Faucet Crypto.
Confirmed transactions from Faucet Crypto.

FaucetCrypto.com Referral Program

The Faucet Crypto Community

Support at FaucetCrypto.com

Who is behind this business?





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