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Best Ethereum Faucets by Juan Alvarez

Updated: February 4, 2022

So here is the thing you need to know about earning ETH by using Ethereum faucets: the transaction fees are too high to make this possible.

Even if you use faucets that pay to a microwallet such as FaucetPay you still have to withdraw from FaucetPay to your wallet. FaucetPay requires a .03 ETH minimum withdrawal and will charge you a .01 ETH fee to do so. That’s a 33% fee for the minimum withdrawal.

FaucetPay does allow free conversion between supported cryptos. So you can convert your ETH to another crypto with a lower withdrawal fee.

However — if you want to earn some ETH you still can.

You should accumulate faucet earnings in a cryptocurrency with LOW transactions fees, such as Dogecoin.

Then transfer that DOGE to an exchange like Coinbase that will allow cheap conversions to Ethereum. See my most recent conversion below:

Coinbase convert DOGE to ETH

Coinbase is the exchange I use, there are plenty of other choices.

So with that out of the way — you now know that when I am talking about the best free Ethereum faucets — I am really talking about the best faucets to earn any crypto. Not intended to be an exhaustive list, just each free Ethereum faucet worth using for free ETH right now. The list is updated from time to time. Feel free to suggest new Ether faucets in the comments.

My quick ETH faucet list:

Removed from this list: Nothing wrong with this faucet except that even if you get to the minimum withdrawal of .003 the fee to withdraw will be .003.

I will be updating the content below in the near future.


So Cointiply does not support ETH but you can withdraw your DOGE when you hit the low $3 minimum. I have withdrawn to Coinbase with no issues.

Then convert to ETH as described above.

Read my full Cointiply review.

Fire Faucet is one of the best auto faucets to start earning Ether (also BTC and other cryptocurrencies) as long as you have ACP (Auto Claim Points). Once you sign up you get some free ACP which is the token you use to run the auto faucet.

Select Ethereum before you start the Auto Faucet.

The faucet runs on a timer automatically generating Ethereum until you run out of ACP. The timer will tell you how many minutes users have to wait. Check out the following menu to get more ACP:

How to earn free ACP for faucet claims.

You can earn more ACP through various PTC ads, offers, shortlinks and tasks. I recommend the PTC ads as an easy way to get more ACP. Also, get your a free daily bonus of ACP by clicking on the 🎁 gift box.

Using my daily gift and a few PTC ads netted me the following Ether (gwei). Didn’t take long and the Fire Faucet interface makes it easy.

Ethereum withdrawal from Fire Faucet
ETH withdrawal from Fire Faucet

So you can withdraw your Ethereum from Fire Faucet directly to your walletif you hit a $24! minimum or to if you meet the $3 minimum. You would have to pay withdrawal fees from FaucetPay to get your crypto.

Check the other withdrawal options at Fire Faucet for easier withdrawals straight to a wallet you control.

Fire Faucet has a lot of features so take the time to investigate all of the ways users can earn crypto at (no longer recommended) is strictly an Ethereum faucet, as you can tell from the name. They offer multiple methods to earn ETH, with the faucet being the true free method. You can see the possible payouts from the faucet below: Faucet Payouts — roll once every hour.

You can roll once every hour by filling out one CAPTCHA.

If you would like to take a chance to increase your balance you can play their hi/low game: Multiply game. offers an 8% interest rate on the ETH kept at their site. You need a minimum account balance of .01 ETH in order to earn interest.

You can withdraw your Ethereum directly to your wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00300000 ETH. A network fee of .001 ETH will also be charged.

Faucet Crypto — removed from the Ether faucets list

So Faucet Crypto no longer supports ETH withdrawals. I am looking for some quality ETH faucets to add to this article. is still a good multicoin faucet worth checking out. Keep reading my review below to get an idea of how it works.

Faucet Crypto operates a multicoin faucet that rewards users with Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other crypto for using their faucet or completing shortlinks, PTC ads, offers etc.

To get to the faucet check the left sidebar for “Ready to Claim”. Click that and you are in the faucet screen.

No CAPTCHA to complete, just wait about 10 seconds and click the next button. There is a interval of 40 minutes in between claims.

Your claims will increase as you level up. See my most recent claim amount: faucet claim

Anytime you visit the faucet you should also claim your Daily Bonus: Daily Bonus

You can withdraw your coin balance as Ethereum. Click “Withdraw” in the left sidebar and choose Ethereum from among the many available cryptocurrencies. balance in ETH.

Click “Withdraw” to start your withdrawal. At your only option to withdraw Ethereum is

ETH withdrawal from to

So currently I can withdraw 0.00049035 ETH. A withdrawal fee of 50 coins will be deducted from my balance of 20681 coins. I have successfully withdrawn ETH from Faucet Crypto to my

Ethereum Faucet suggestions?

If you know of a good faucet please drop a comment below. Always looking for better alternatives.

Affiliate Disclosure: If you register with any of the sites listed above though one of the links in this article I will earn affiliate commissions based on your site activity. This will occur at no cost to you.




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