Coinpot Token Conversion Rates | How to convert Coinpot tokens to Crypto

How much are Coinpot Tokens worth? Updated 10/30/2020

*** COINPOT NO LONGER RECOMMENDED ***Due to repeated failures of crypto withdrawals to my wallets or other microwallets I can no longer recommend Coinpot. I have received no responses from the support email.While I have successfully withdrawn to Coinbase from Coinpot in the past all of my recent withdrawal requests have disappeared.  So I can no longer recommend spending any effort using any of the Coinpot affiliated cryptocurrency faucets. I will be posting this information of my Coinpot related posts.Alternatives to CoinpotFaucetPay.ioFireFaucet.winCointiply.comFaucetCrypto.comI receive withdrawals from all of the above on a regular basis without any hassle.
How to convert Coinpot tokens
How to convert Coinpot tokens

What are Coinpot tokens?

How do you earn Coinpot tokens?

  • You receive 1 token for every faucet claim made by one of your referrals. These tokens received for referral claims are essentially the Coinpot affiliate program.
  • You can earn tokens in your browser with the mining option.
  • You can win tokens playing the lottery or multiplier games, and by completing challenges.

What can you do with Coinpot tokens?

  • You can play the High-Low game to multiply your stake of tokens.
  • You can convert your tokens to cryptocurrency — see next section.

How do you convert Coinpot tokens?

  • Bitcoin [BTC]
  • Litecoin [LTC]
  • Dashcoin [DASH]
  • Dogecoin [DOGE]
  • Bitcoin Cash [BCH]

From the Coinpot Token dashboard you select “Convert coinpot tokens to…” and select which crypto you would like, There is no fee for the conversion, You will have to reenter your password and complete another CAPTCHA. In order to cash out of Coinpot see How to Cash out of Coinpot.

I used to let my Coinpot tokens accumulate and then I would convert them to crypto in a rotation. Now I am letting my tokens build while I earn interest on them using the Coinpot VIP program.

Current Coinpot Token Conversion Rates

  • Bitcoin: 100 Coinpot Tokens = 72 satoshi
  • Bitcoin Cash: 100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.00003725 BCH
  • Dashcoin: 100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.00013829 Dash
  • Litecoin: 100 Coinpot Tokens = 17999 litoshi
  • Dogecoin: 100 Coinpot Tokens = 3.68 Doge

These conversion rates fluctuate based on market prices.

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