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CoinPot and partner faucets are closing down!

Posted: 2021–01–15 06:00 UTC

We are sad to announce that CoinPot and our 7 partner faucets will be closing down over the next few months. This decision has been made with a heavy heart for the reasons that we have detailed below. As always we are fully committed to our loyal and fantastic users and we will ensure that you have enough time to make final faucet claims and withdraw any remaining balances. Further details about this and timelines are also set out below.

Which web sites does this affect?

My List of Free Ethereum Faucets

Best Ethereum Faucets by Juan Alvarez
Best Ethereum Faucets by Juan Alvarez

The following is my list of sites with the best Ethereum faucets. Not intended to be an exhaustive list, just the faucets worth using for free ETH right now. The list is updated from time to time. Feel free to suggest new Ethereum faucets in the comments.

My quick list of the best Ethereum faucets:

Fire Faucet

FireFaucet.win is one of the best auto faucets that will pay out Ethereum(also BTC and other cryptocurrency) as long as you have ACP (Auto Claim Points). Once you sign up you get some free ACP which you can use to run the auto faucet.

[Updated 2020] My Faucet Crypto Review as a User

Image for post
Image for post

Summary of my review of FaucetCrypto.com

Overall, I really like FaucetCrypto.com. The interface is easy to use, the site has a large community, and withdrawals are fast and easy. FaucetCrypto is one of the multi faucets in my regular rotation.

What is FaucetCrypto.com?

In their own words: “This website is a multi coin faucet which gives users a way to earn some cryptocoins by completing tasks. You will be able to earn Bitcoin and altcoins by using our service.”

Is FaucetCrypto.com Legit?

FaucetCrypto.com has a 4.5 star rating based on 280 reviews.

My Review of the Bitcoin PTC site: adBTC.top

adBTC.top login page
adBTC.top login page

My adBTC.top Review

I have found adBTC to perform exactly as advertised. You will need to make a continuous effort every day for a while in order to hit the minimum payout.

Is adBTC a scam?

adBTC.op has a 4.1 rating based on 105 reviews at Trustpilot.

My Cointiply FAQ — Frequent Asked Questions about how to use Cointiply

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Cointiply dashboard

What is Cointiply?

Cointiply is a Bitcoin rewards site that pays users to complete tasks and interact. Cointiply users can earn Bitcoin through:

  • Claiming from the faucet
  • Offers
  • Surveys
  • PTC ads
  • Games
  • Increase your Cointiplier

For more information see my Cointiply review.

Is Cointiply trusted?

Yes, Cointiply has established a good reputation and is a trusted site. Cointiply has a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot with 1,623 reviews (as of 12/14/2020).

Is Cointiply safe?

Yes, Cointiply is safe to use. Cointiply does not request much in the way of personal information in order to become a user.

How does Cointiply make money?

Cointiply makes money in a variety of ways, including but not limited…

[Updated for 2020] My List of the Best PTC Sites that pay in Bitcoin

Best PTC Sites that pay in Bitcoin
Best PTC Sites that pay in Bitcoin

If you are looking for the best Bitcoin PTC sites I probably do not need to explain how paid to click works.

However, if you stumbled onto this page here is a quick summary:

Bitcoin earning PTC (paid to click) sites act as middlemen between advertisers and the people who visit their website. PTC websites collect a payment if an ad is viewed and split this payment with the visitor who viewed the ad or offer.

Quick list of the best PTC site that pay in Bitcoin:


  • What is adBTC?: “AdBTC is a free crypto earning platform based on Pay-Per-Click (PPC), which pays cryptocurrency to users for viewing ads on the site. Unlike other similar projects, where sites earn on advertising, AdBTC pays users for visiting advertisers’…

Coinpot is a scam
Coinpot is a scam

Update 01/18/2021: Coinpot and affiliated faucets are closing.

Due to repeated failures of crypto withdrawals to my wallets or other microwallets I can no longer recommend Coinpot. I have received no responses from the support email.

While I have successfully withdrawn to Coinbase from Coinpot in the past all of my recent withdrawal requests have disappeared. So I can no longer recommend spending any effort using any of the Coinpot affiliated cryptocurrency faucets, which includes:


I will be posting this information on all of my Coinpot related posts.

Alternatives to Coinpot

My review of Cointiply and a quick guide on how to earn more crypto

My Review of Cointiply by Juan Alvarez
My Review of Cointiply by Juan Alvarez

Before we get to my review, what is Cointiply?

In their own words:

Cointiply is a next-generation Bitcoin rewards platform.

Users earn free Bitcoin by interacting and completing tasks.

The only requirement is that you have a Bitcoin or DOGE address to send payments to.

Cointiply.com uses “Coins” as the currency you earn from the faucet, games, PTC ads and offers. You can then exchange your Coins for satoshis (fractional Bitcoins) or DOGE and withdraw to your wallet. You should withdraw your crypto often.

My Review of Cointiply.com

In my review I found this site to be one of the good sites to earn crypto by completing tasks, clicking on ads etc. If you found my article by searching for reviews of Cointiply.com

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Image for post

A Dash faucet is a website where you receive free fractional Bitcoins (called “Duff” by some) in exchange for visiting that site. You are exchanging your time for small amounts of DASH.

This is not a complete list of Dash faucets. I only highlight legit Dash faucets that are worth your time. Please note I receive a small referral commission from these faucets.

My list of best Dash faucets:

Moon Dash

Moon Dash is a Moon faucet where you claim free Dash, currently the 28th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization (updated 10/20/2020). …

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Ivacy VPN.

Before your purchase VPN services from Ivacy get your questions answered. I put together this list of Ivacy frequently-asked-questions. If you have more questions please add them in a comment.

Is Ivacy VPN good?

Ivacy is a competent VPN service. Ivacy has a no logging policy and supports up to five simultaneous connections. Protocol support includes L2TP, OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, and split tunneling which allows you to choose which traffic you route through the VPN tunnel.


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